Compendium of knowledge from the Ex area

By acquiring knowledge, we invest in ourselves.
Thanks to technical progress, the current state of knowledge undergoes constant development. In the EU, the approach to Ex issues is uniform. By acquiring knowledge in Your country, you acquire it on the EU market and markets for which the EU is a model.

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Our educational activities cover the whole area of Ex. Both topics covered by EU directives (ATAX and ATEX user) as well as from outside these areas. There is no topic in the field of explosion protection, in which we do not have training experiences. Our more than twenty years of educational experience allows to think so. Whether you are interested in constructing devices, safety in the workplace, lightning protection, inspections and maintenance, or equipment repairs, whether you are a manufacturer or you are involved in the evaluation and certification of equipment and protective systems, we will respond to your needs.

Postgraduate course


Postgraduate course Technical safety in potentially explosive atmospheres is carried out on a two- semester basis by the Central Mining Institute (Katowice).

Recognized experts from the academic and engineering community carry out studies in the two- semester academic cycle. The studies are addressed to people operating or designing installations with potentially explosive atmospheres (Ex zones). The study program is based on academic knowledge, expert knowledge, practice resulting from laboratory tests, hazard analysis and post-accident research.
The knowledge transferred is based on the current state of knowledge, e.g. during studies the information given in around 120 standards is discussed.


  • Explosion of dusts, gases and flammable liquids
  • Explosion-proof products – legal requirements
  • Electric explosion-proof devices – security techniques
  • Non-electrical explosion-proof devices.
  • Methodology for explosion risk assessment
  • Intrinsically safe devices and systems, optical radiation and explosion hazard
  • Repeatability of production of explosion-proof devices
  • Protective systems in dust installations
  • Electrical and non-electrical equipment in Ex zones
  • Explosive atmospheres – classification and selection of devices
  • Measurements of the concentration of explosive gases
  • Serious industrial failures – SEVESO directive
  • Fire safety
  • Functional safety of devices
  • Flame arresters, Ex diesel drives and Ex fans
  • Organization of work safety
  • Risk in potentially explosive atmospheres related to work places
  • Electrostatics
  • Practice of testing explosion-proof equipment – visit to the laboratories of Notified Body (GIG-KD “BARBARA”)
  • Application of numerical methods for the evaluation of explosion safety

Students receive lecture materials in an electronic version before the meeting so that they can prepare for any questions and discussions, and each edition of the studies follows the current changes and market needs.

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