During this year’s PCIC conference in London, we are pleased to present our thoughts on the role and content of the Ex equipment manual.

Recent surveys have shown a lack of consistency for the contents of instructions regarding Ex equipment. As a major contribution for safety regarding prevention and protection against explosion, the manufacturer shall provide to the user written instructions that include the necessary information for safe use, installation, repair, maintenance and/or overhaul of the equipment concerned, etc.

In addition, regarding the intended use, considerations are suggested to enhance contents through

  • equipment category and/or EPL defined by the manufacturer (normal use and misuse);
  • role of certification agencies regarding assessment of instructions;
  • instructions as inputs regarding explosion risk assessment consideration, like hazardous area assessment (fuel dispersion, volume, hazard probability) due to the design of the considered equipment,
  • inputs from specific standards available to provide general principles and detailed requirements for the design and formulation of information for use.